Sunday, March 20, 2011

Eagle Convention

Although wet flurries flutter from the sky as I type, I'm going to make it official:  Winter is over.  Done.  Let's move on, right, Spring?

As I drove through da Harbor last Friday night I saw not one outsider's vehicle at the any of the businesses in town.  When I went down to catch my last chicken wrap at the Bear Belly, Dave informed me that that was their last night.  Only one family of locals came in while we were there.

It is nearly impossible to go down any run at Mt. Bohemia without hitting a rock or stick.  Good thing I got there two more times before this!

Yesterday Rachel, Duce and I walked up Brockway Mountain, and the only snowmobilers we saw were the people who live up there... and that was a Saturday!

So whether I jinx us or not, I'll say it again.  Winter is over.

Want to know how else I can tell?  I have seen or heard an eagle nearly every day for the last two weeks.  That means spring is on its way.

Today I had an especially exciting eagle sighting.  When Aaron and I got home from our run (ugh, first run of the year), we saw an eagle flying over the bay.  We shouted, "Eagle!" to inform the other.  It circled and glided around gracefully.

Then a huge eagle stormed out of the trees by the lighthouse and yelled, "Get over here!  Don't you see the humans?"  The first eagle obeyed and a third came out of thin air to follow.  They chirped their sweet eagle chirps back into the trees.  To safety, I suppose.

A couple minutes later we watched them fly across the opening to Lake Superior to Porter's Island, just a soaring and a gliding.  They are so big that the naked eye can see them almost half a mile away!  Hello eagles!

And goodbye winter!  See you next time!

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  1. Yup, so I jinxed us. It is snowing and blowing outside right now. Plus, Mt. Bohemia might even re-open next weekend. What the heck, come on up!