Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Final Burst of Summer

Let me start by saying thank you to you sweet people who either commented or let me know some other way that you still appreciate my writing even though the bold adventures have slowed way down.  That really means a lot!

Okay.  Let me summarize this week chronologically, so I at least have somewhat of a thread.

Early last week my friend Natalie and I went to visit our trail-building men in Duluth.  Both unfamiliar (and slightly afraid) to travel into the actual city, we stuck to the outskirts and hiked the trails the boys were building.  We had to make our move between rain storms, but I guess that's just how it is there this summer!

Here are some naturey shots from the trip.

Snake in the mud!
Mushrooms and moss everywhere

Indian Pipes

I got to see my sweet puppy doggy and my handsome husband while they labored intensely in the mud.  We saw seven sweaty boys out there on the Rock Solid Trail Contracting crew. Better them than me!

Before I exit Duluth, I have to tell you about the most amazing place to eat there: the Duluth Grill.  Aaron always talked about it, but Nat and I got to go try it for ourselves.  They grow their own veggies and flowers on the property, use local meat and eggs, cater to people's allergy needs and make everything taste amazing!  I told Natalie, "I could just sit here all day and eat!"  So kudos to them for becoming the change they want to see.  That place is always slammin' busy, by the way.

We each walked out with two to-go boxes because we kept ordering more food.

I wanted to congratulate the Isle Royal Queen IV for being chosen by the readers of Lake Superior Magazine as having the "Best Boat Ride" on the lake!  The picture didn't take well reflecting off the glass, but you get the idea.

Isle Royale Line has the "Best Boat Ride"

So Friday was another one of Copper Harbor's Art Crawls.  I should have told you before it happened because our rock band performed at our first outdoor venue.  It was great echoing toward Brockway Mountain from the porch of North One Gallery.  People stopped by on mountain bikes, with ice cream from The Berry Patch and with the intention to look at the art inside.

I guess we gave a show to the people at Into the Woods Mini Golf and other residents as well.  At least there were no complaints!  If you are interested in keeping up with our performances, like us on facebook.  Powers of Air, baby.  

Sunday the wind was up.  So gusty and swirly in town that I couldn't really figure out which direction it was coming from.  But it was a lovely day to take pictures of the current wildflowers!

Touch-me-not flowers

Climbing bindweed on the goldenrod

Tansy blooming in the mint (and me with a smudged lens)

Even burdock can be eye-catching

Then Sunday night we had an incredible storm.  If you live in the midwest, you probably got it too.  It was so isolated -- it came in waves with calm air in between the lightening, thunder and deluge of rain.  I enjoyed it.  It's nice to feel that energy.

And the next day was so stinkin' hot that I went swimming in Lake Superior for the first time this summer.  I think my little pumpkin liked it okay.  The temp was refreshing, and the feeling of bobbing through the waves was one I forgot how much I missed.  That was much needed and appreciated.  I'm glad I did it then because, who knows if I'll get to hop in the big lake again this year when it's actually enjoyable?

Also yesterday, a couple from the Keweenaw set out to paddle around "Copper Island" which is the whole Keweenaw Peninsula separated by the Portage Canal from the mainland.  Check out their blog during their 120-mile adventure in a kayak.  They are raising money for the Keweenaw Land Trust.  I hope to make this trek someday myself.  I'll keep it on my bucket list!

Other than that, this is a busy week as I prepare all my duties for the 21st annual Bell's Beer Copper Harbor Trails Fest.  It's a big to-do and a lot of fun for the racers and their families.  For me and the rest of the CHTC, it's a big undertaking, but we make it happen each year.  It's so helpful that the rest of the community pitches in to assist where they can as well.

I can't believe it... last big weekend, here we go!

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  1. Hey Amanda !! Loving your posts of summertime near the Harbor. Keeps me up to date, and makes me realize my timing is way off. It seems like the fun stuff picks up when I'm back down state taking care of needed projects, etc. Hope your "incubation" continues going well, and hope to see you soon . . John