Monday, August 4, 2014

Little Gifts

Oh, boy.  I must have been tired this week.  I feel like not much happened, and I can't even remember it.  Good thing this is a free blog; you can't have high expectations!

But I do remember that I have to tell you about the rare plant species that was found.  It's the same one I found this past winter while descending one of Brockway's cliffs.  And it's the same one my wildflower enthusiast friend, Harvey Desnick, and I rescaled one of Brockway's cliffs to find -- only to find no new growth.  

Well then a friend was walking her dog along the Fort Wilkins trails, and she found it, asking out of curiosity.  Pinedrops.  Pterospora andromedea.  It's a parasitic plant that doesn't make its own chlorophyll.  Here are a couple shots I took of it.


Up close and personal

My wildflower friends and I were geeked.  I'm so glad that I am among others who thoroughly enjoy this sort of thing.  And now we don't have to scale the mountain side while being eaten by mosquitos again!

Way back in the 1800's, Fort Wilkins had a garden behind what is now the Grant Township Park and Copper Harbor Trailhead.  This plot, that used to grow potatoes and probably other roots, is now the community garden whereupon you have watched me groom my plot.

I am pleased to say that section of fertile soil is treating us quite well.  I just picked my first ripe and delicious cherry tomatoes yesterday.  I've been eating cucumbers for weeks.  The bell peppers and heirloom tomatoes are waiting for some midnight warmth so they can turn red.  The zucchini is blossoming.  And the salad greens are more than I can eat -- even eating for two.

Yesterday, as I stepped back with the watering can after giving the plants a good dousing, I just took a moment to be grateful.  Grateful that I was gifted this plot to work, the seeds to sow, the plants to tend and the food to take back home with me.  I didn't realize how much I missed having a garden.  It is truly a blessing.

Okay, sorry for getting all sentimental on you.  But it is a magical part of da Harbor!

I had some friends visit me this weekend.  One thing we did that I haven't done in years was play mini golf at Into the Woods.  It was fun.  Lots of laughter both at ourselves and each other.  If you are up, and have some time to bide, I recommend it.  Staci, the owner, is always trying to keep things fresh and progressive.  It's a beautiful spot to spend an afternoon.

I could go on about the events in town, but do you know what?  already does a darn good job of that.  So if you are curious, click that link or the one above in the left column (if you don't read this on a mobile device).

Honestly, I wish I had an adventure to share with you.  It's just getting harder for me to think of one and then actually execute it.  Incubating another person is hard work enough.  

So contrary to my usual pictures, here is one of me with that little energy-stealing bundle of joy in my belly.

The Little One and me, 6 1/2 months along

That baby is getting a good taste of the wild berries.  I'll have to pick some blues, thimbles and a few more bils this week.  Just a some more little gifts in my life.

See you next week!

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  1. Looks like the keyboard is getting further away isn't it. Congrats.