Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Shifting Focus

"Finally.  A cool, rainy, gray day," I said last time.  And I think that day marked the end of summer.  I haven't shaved my legs or touched up my toenails since then because those parts need to stay warm and covered.  Well, plus those tasks are getting a bit cumbersome.

So, yeah.  The days and nights are staying fairly cool.  I can't get (well, nobody can seem to get) a red tomato on the vine.  But it is what it is.  Maybe we already had our summer.  It was lovely while it lasted!

Some people say, "Did you see the leaves on the Covered Stretch???  They are already starting to change!!!"  While that's true, I feel like that happens more often than not.  If it's too cool or dry up here, those maples turn brilliant pinks and reds.  

But don't plan your fall trip around the leaves just yet.

99% of the trees are still green.  And I like the red patches in the leaves.  It helps remind us that nature does her own thing.  All the time.

I am pleased that you are sticking it out with me through these less adventurous times and posts.  My treks, sightings and reporting are not what they used to be.  My energy, curiosity and focus have turned inward toward the little pumpkin in my belly.  It is due to arrive in the fresh air two months from today!  Then the adventures will really cease for a while.  Ha!

Actually, I can't predict that.  But I would assume.  I just wanted to thank you for keeping up with this blog even though it is less exciting than it has been in the past.  But judging from the comments I get from you in person, perhaps you appreciate my tameness for a while.

On Sunday I had a few fine folks inform me that they are avid readers of this blog.  Awesome.  I was signing books at Grandpa's Barn.  It was a great time sitting on the porch talking to other local authors and readers.  I would do that again for sure.

That event piggy-backed off the main one in town: Art in the Park.

The event sign before all the people came

Town was really busy this last weekend.  My mom was up for it, and she noted, "Gosh, Manda.  I've never been here in August before.  There are really a lot of people around!"

Yes.  Yes there were.

The vendors and visitors waded through the mist and damp, cool weather.  We sold a lot of coffee at the bake sale just so people could stay warm!  And we sold out of all the baked goods as well -- just in time.  Thanks to everyone who took part in the efforts to make Art in the Park another success.  It really takes a lot.

Speaking of lots, the Isle Royale Ferry Line parking lot is fun to walk through if you are wandering the town.  The license plates are from all over the country!  Well, I haven't seen Hawaii plates yet, but pretty much every other state.  Even Minnesota, and they have their own ferry service.  It's neat to see how this wonderful National Park captivates people from all over.

And here is a picture of the Queen IV getting ready for departure last week.

Isle Royale Queen IV crew pulling the ropes

As I watched that vessel cart off toward the sunrise that morning, I said out loud, "I'm going there again."  I miss my Isle Royale trips -- two years in a row now.  But I won't fret it.  The next time will just be that much more special.  

Just wait, you beautiful rock, you.  I'll be back someday....


  1. Amanda, your blog is one of the reasons I first made it to"da harbor"! I found it while looking around on the CHTC website for info on riding! I had been trying to get to your town for 6yrs, since I first seen a picture of stairway to heaven trail. I read a couple of post and that was it I was convinced, your words painted a picture of a magical place in a way that nothing else had done for me, I was heading to Copper Harbor!! That was last August and I've been back with family and friends four times since. Needless to say, I'm hooked, Thank you! I thoroughly enjoy reading about your town and your crazy outdoor adventures, I can also say that as a father of two amazing kids I also enjoy how you put your current transition in life into words. You may not be bombing down the mountain on your bike or skating across the harbor or even being pulled across lake Fanny Hooe by parachute but your writing is equally captivating. Keep the great writing coming, I'm looking forward to reading about your craziest adventure yet....Motherhood!!!

  2. Wow, Nick. That was very sweet of you! I appreciate your encouragement and understanding. And you are right: Motherhood will keep life full of unexpected adventures! Take care, and enjoy your next trip to da Harbor!

  3. Amanda, as you're experiencing life is full of transitions and shifts. That's all that's happening to you now. If nothing changes in your life over time then your likely not doing anything, and that's no way to live. Your current posts simply document some of the changes you're going through and they are just as enjoyable as the "adventurous" ones. In no time at all you'll be posting about adventures you take with your little one and telling us of your joy as you see your child begin to explore the world you know so well because of your previous adventures. You will be able to guide your child into explorations of the world most kids will never know. And as they find their own path you'll marvel at what you've helped bring into the world. Your future adventures will be much more enjoyable than you ever imagined as you share them with your children. Thank you for sharing your current life with us. Even though you think your current posts less exciting than from the recent past, those of us who know life on a deeper level appreciate them.

  4. Thanks, Dennis. I certainly didn't expect such heartfelt feedback. You guys are giving me ideas for another book! Thanks!