Monday, August 11, 2014


Finally.  A Monday without having to go to town.

Finally.  A cool, rainy, gray day.  I suppose this particularly pleases me because the garden, all plants and I need it.  I got sunburned this weekend, and a break from the sun is essential.

How did I get sunburned?  Was I at the beach?  Was I sipping margaritas on a friend's porch?  Was I reroofing a house?

No, no and no.

I was on Brockway Mountain Drive for 4 hours in the blazing, breezeless heat of the afternoon.  But I had a job: to give water and Gatorade to over 300 grateful, wildly costumed single speed bike riders. They were indeed grateful.  I have volunteered at many types of races in this town, and I have never heard so much "thank you for being here," and "thanks for the water," and "thank you" in general.  It was as refreshing as the sugary red liquid must have tasted to the riders.

And they were indeed wildly costumed.  Again, I have never been to an event where the participants are so free-spirited.  It's almost a competition of flamboyance or a statement of alter-ego.  Here are examples of what I mean.

An afro over the helmet = extra safety

Even the bikes are flashy

I've got some other shots of superheroes and neon boas and men in dresses, but I'm saving those for other publications.  I'll let you know!

But the shenanigans were only beginning during the race.  This is a family blog, so I won't get too detailed, but Single Speed USA is the most interesting culture that's come to Copper Harbor in a while.  "Interesting" and "shenanigans" were two of the words I heard most from people and in my own mind.

I knew the sunburn would be worth it.

Like I told you before, Art in the Park is this weekend in Copper Harbor.  One extra to-do for me (besides running the bake sale.  How did the pregnant lady get in charge of a bake sale???) is that I am signing books at Grandpa's Barn on Sunday the 17th from 2-4 pm.  Check out what other local writers will be there on the poster below!

Pretty cool, eh?  Maybe I'll see you there!  If you come, make sure to tell me that you read this blog.  It keeps me believing.

Also, the Copper Harbor Improvement Association holds BINGO every Wednesday night during the summer from 7-9 pm, but players must purchase their cards before 6:50 pm.  Why am I telling you this?  For one, it's fun.  For two, you can win some moola.  For three, I am the number caller for most of the nights!  That's right.  I will B12 and N41 you until someone shouts "BINGO!"

See all the fun I get to make for myself these days?

Boy, oh boy.  What else can I say?  If you have any requests, please let me know.  I guess this whole nesting thing is more instinctual than I realized.  But it's not forever!

See you next week.  Get out and pick some berries, if you can!

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