Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What's Popping Up?

We survived the first "big" weekend of the summer season.  Nothing too crazy, but lots of fun.  I even got to hang out with my mountain biker buddies for the Ride the Keweenaw.  Woo hoo!

Yesterday I noticed some of my little petaled friends popping out of the brown leaves.  Here are some shots of the wildflower progression taken around my house  (because I am a wildflower geek!).  As always, nothing spectacular, just informational.  Also, if you are looking for flowers, not all of them have blossomed yet -- just leafing out.

Serviceberry tree

Thimbleberry leaves

The red stem is a wild rose

Fly honeysuckle blossoms

Forget-me-not just popped out!

My first daffodil (not wild) and a poppy (not real)

Time for the real treat.  Remember a couple weeks when I was looking for arbutus?  Well, I found some!  It was so special that I took a video for you.

And just for fun, here is a picture of me and Duce.  So far, it seems he is recovering nicely from his surgery.

Me and my sweet, handsome prince

And guess what else.  No blackflies yet....

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