Saturday, May 11, 2013

Spring is Creeping In

Back in da Harbor, a shift has taken place.

The Isle Royale Queen IV is parked at her dock.  I can only gaze longingly at her because I will not make it out to the Rock this spring.  Can't win them all!

Another old friend is bobbing in the lake.  The bell buoy!  I missed his arrival by a day.  In the evenings, I hear only three sounds: the wind, the buoy and guess who else?  The peepers!

Yes, the sounds of spring are back, and I can feel that buzz in the air.  People are already  driving the Mandan and Brockway Mountain Drive.  Tiny buds are speckling the trees, turning the landscape hues of red, green and gold.  I even saw the first hepatica wildflowers in my yard!  All sorts of birds are swimming, flying, nesting and singing us songs.  Cheery indeed.

I was longing for some waterfall action.  Lots of my friends said they got out for waterfall tours.  Three days ago, I hiked up Manganese Falls and made you this video.  For some reason, Blogger would not let me pull it from youtube, so don't be afraid to click the link below!

From there I hiked up the Mango Trail to Lake Manganese where I found the only bridge uprooted, flipped and flushing with water.  

West side of the broken planked bridge...

Call me stubborn (or crazy), but I was crossing that bridge.  Otherwise, I would have to go down the way I came up.   I pulled off my boots and socks, tied the laces together, slung my boots over my shoulder and rolled up my pant legs.  With a deep breath and a test of the chilly water, I slowly shimmied across the planks.  I knew I couldn't take either foot off for too long, or the force of the water would take me with it.  But I also couldn't tarry because that water was cold!

I found a happy medium and made is safely to the other side.  

East side of the broken planked bridge!

Never a dull moment, I tell you.

Yesterday, on a bike ride to practice for the Keweenaw Path, I pulled in to my trusty arbutus site to see if those fragrant little crawlers were blooming yet.  No such luck.  I'll try back next week.

Well, how 'bout them lakes?  Manganese is slightly frozen on the south side, Fanny Hooe is pretty much open and people throw their arms up in wonder when Medora will thaw.

Things are coming to life, despite today and tomorrow's light snow.  That Mother Nature, she's keeping us on our toes!

Oh, I almost forgot!  Here is the link to that kiting video.  I still laugh every time I watch it.

Snow Kiting on Lake Medora

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  1. Thanks for the awesome falls video Amanda. You can't help but get at least a little misty wet watching that one! I haven't been able to get out to any real falls yet this spring so I really appreciate the post.