Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This and That

We now have fragrant blossoms of all sorts.  We have wildflowers spewing forth their vibrant colors.  We even have blackflies to the point that Aaron just came home to bring back bugnets for the trail crew.

What we don't have are people.  Yeah, there are a few here and there, but this town is still quiet and peaceful.  If potential visitors are watching the weather, they may just be put off by the 40 - 50 degree temperatures.

Don't take that as a complaint.  I know they will come and consume my energy in a couple weeks.  I am grateful for this time.  It's just a little different than past years.  And yes, we are blaming the weather because this place is awesome.

The Isle Royale Queen began her journeys to the rock.  I stood on the dock and snapped a shot of her maiden voyage three weeks ago.

The Queen IV's maiden voyage 2013

I have danced the cancan twice for her already on the Harbor Haus patio.

The sunsets have been quite stunning lately.  Monday's lit the sky a deep magenta.  I stood along the shore and watched it change colors (without my camera).  As I stood still, the mergansers and geese swam around me to dive and feed.  That was a moment of serenity for this girl.

The biking and hiking trails have been lovely.  Just a couple spots are still muddy, but I don't care.  The mud is a small price to pay for the joy of the experience!

I fear this post may seem a bit scattered, but I have no main idea besides current events.  

Speaking of events, BINGO is starting tonight in the Community Building.  The balls drop at 7 pm sharp each Wednesday, so get your cards before then!

You can see the progress of the Copper Harbor Playground Project at this site.  (Can you tell who writes those posts?)  We plan to build it August 24th of this year.  Yes, in one day.  Volunteers are needed.  Check that site for details on how to help!

Back to the grind for me.  Catch you next week!

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