Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Bike Ride, a Nutshell and Canada

I guess the biggest thing was the Keweenaw Path fundraiser.  30 mph gusts from the northwest held my biker buddy, Marlin, and I back until 1 pm.  Instead of leaving from Chassell at 9 am, we rode from Calumet to Copper Harbor, a total of 36 miles.

Here is a quick documentation of that journey.  Keweenaw Path 2013 video.

What you can only sort of tell was that I got hungry.  But I was more than that.  Just like when we walked that distance, Delaware couldn't come soon enough.  I was giddy at Delaware, and even more so to see my walking friends.  

Shortly after, however, I thought I might tip over!  I was barely able to pedal up that hill to the Mountain Lodge.  But I did it.  Then it was all downhill from there.  I could hardly believe when I coasted through my little town.

So now the bar is raised.  36 is the most miles I've ever ridden at once, and I am eager to boost that up.  What a great way to travel.  Now I need a road bike of my own!

The hiking and biking trails are getting cleared more and more each day.  However, many bridges washed out and snow is still deep in some spots.  The trails are still wet and soft in many spots as well, but I keep seeing people going out to ride.  I hope they bring a chainsaw and a shovel with them!

Dandelions are out.  I still haven't seen any arbutus yet.  A friend reported that Lake Medora is open, but some ice still remains near the shore.  Creeks, rivers and falls are still a rush to watch.  The sun has shone some each day, and it's been windy!  There you have it in a nutshell, I guess.  

If I get a chance, I will report from Errington's Wilderness Island in Algoma, Ontario while I am there.  Otherwise, I'll put something together when I get back.  Really looking forward to that trip.  I leave tomorrow!  I promise to take lots of pictures and videos.  I bet there will be lots of great material!

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  1. Great blogs Amanda! I won't get to Eagle Harbor until July (hopefully the black flies will be gone by then). Keep on biking and enjoying the Yooper lifestyle. Growing up in the UP was the best. Cheers, Mary