Saturday, February 4, 2012

Double Tour: Snowmen and Fort Juniper

Wow.  A lot has been going on here for me in da Harbor.  I apologize that I didn't get it all to you in spiffy stories already.

I've been cross country skiing and back country skiing.  Working a lot too.  In the winter!  But that's okay.  It's worth it.

Here's some good stuff for you.  My Harbor friend, Staci, owns Into the Woods Mini Golf & Gardens.  She built 21 snowmen so far on her snow-covered course.  Look how cute they are!

The panoramic view of the frosty friends.

A father and snowson.  Wave!

Taking a break.

A couple of my favorite characters -- the sunglasses and fuzzy hat.

Staci said it's nice to see people on the course, but it also brings big grins to all those who pass by!

Earlier today, since it was 34 degrees out, I went to finish Fort Juniper.  When I got there, my window was blown out.  Below is the view out of the window with no pane.

The view out Fort Juniper's window.

After laying inside it, enjoying some rest, and building some more, I finished it.  Here is the video of the tour of the area.

Now let it snow!


  1. I didn't like the idea of a mini golf in Copper Harbor but when I see how clever the owner is with the snowman I had to laugh. That is wonderful and good on her. I'm sure she is a wonderful creative person and it made me smile.
    Perhaps I'll play a round this summer and show my appreciation. How our thoughts can change!

  2. Yes! Staci is definitely an inspiration in the community. She has brought the Keweenaw to life over her 18 holes -- even in the winter! Glad you appreciate the whimsy of it!

  3. The snow people are cute, but your fort stirred the creative and imaginative spirit of my youth. It's been way to long since I have built anything out of snow.

  4. My family played a few rounds of golf there this past summer..Staci was great..the frist time my youngest (2year old) didn't want to see his ball go down the hole after the 18th hole and cried and cried that he didn't want his ball to go bye bye...Staci was great and gave us a discount for the next time to play which we took her up on the next week.