Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sunny February

Another beautiful day in da Keweenaw.  Sunny and blue skies for the forth day in a row.  I think we had half a cloudy one somewhere in there.  Luckily the last couple days have been cold, so all the snow doesn't melt.  Right now the snow is cruuuuuuusty.  It's like snow cement.  Can't build a snow fort.  Can't groom the cross country ski trails.  Definitely don't want to go to Mt. Bohemia.  So I'll probably go for a hike through the woods.

I've had a couple fun outdoor adventures lately though.  Hannah and I went on a wonderful snowshoe across Lake Fanny Hooe and up the ridge.  Here is a video of how beautiful it was on the lake.  We should have  brought our lawn chairs!  Suntan!

Toward the top of the ridge, the sun was beating through, so I couldn't resist this either

Hannah and Tiki admiring the sunshine.

The next day Rachel and I went for a cross country ski on all the trails.  Probably about five miles.  Five miles on crust, but we didn't care.  At least we were getting some of that good fresh air!  I hope you get out to enjoy some too!

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