Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Wintery Collage

Happy 2012!  Make it a good one!

Today I saw an ermine running along the snow bank.  Duce saw it too, and he chased it through its tunnel in the snow and right up a cedar tree.  I took a couple pictures, but he was so snowy white that he just looked like a snowball in the branches.  Cute and quick little guy.

I did some more work on Fort Juniper today.  My goal is to build up the north wall first since that is where the coldest winds blow from.  It's coming along, all right.  It was so nice to lay in there on such a windy day and not get pelted by what's blowing!

Other than that, I took a few wintery pictures yesterday that I thought you might enjoy.

Five inches of snow on Fanny Hooe.  Looking toward East Bluff.
Compare this to the picture in "Skating Rink.")

A panoramic view of the snowy trees on Fanny Hooe.

Superior's shoreline looking west from inside the Harbor.

I particularly like the bank of clouds behind this freighter.

Ice on the west end of the Harbor.

Let it snow!!!


  1. Love the photo of the freighter.

  2. That freighter is still out there now???

  3. We saw an Ermine or Weasel down here in Whitelaw WI. A few weeks ago. Looked out of place with his white coat and green grass.

  4. Denny from Flagler BeachJanuary 2, 2012 at 4:45 PM

    Amanda thanks for the pics. We like to see the life up there in the winter. Maybe sometime we'll get brave and come in the winter too. We are going to get some cold days here in Fl then warm again. But I bet I could still drive in the snow like we used to. Keep the pics coming.