Wednesday, January 25, 2012

250 Foot Tower on Brockway Mountain? You Decide.

You are probably well aware that, when you come to da Harbor, your cell phone does not work.  Either you love the fact that you can turn it off, so no one can bother you, or you hate the fact that you can't stay connected in case of an emergency.  Personally, I like the fact that this area is free from cell tower radiation.

But my opinion is irrelevant because plans are in place to put a couple towers up.  Copper Harbor will have cell phone service through Verizon.  Possibly by 2013.  This fact doesn't really bother me -- technology is inevitable (and hey, maybe the internet will be faster!).

If you click on the photos below, you will see a photoshopped version of what bothers me, and most others who love their unscathed vistas while driving into Copper Harbor and along Brockway Mountain Drive.

If this bothers you too, you can sign a petition to let Keweenaw County know that they should investigate other options besides a 250 tower on one of the historic landmarks of America.  A few smaller towers could be used, for example.

Here is the link to the petition.  I have signed it myself.  Let's help da Harbor keep it's natural beauty!

In the mean time, Let It Snow!


  1. We are losing our wildness feeling all over the northland. Most lodges have Wifi so you can email and check messages. If you can't turn off your phone for a few days perhaps you should stay home? I hate cell towers but like my I-Phone as much as the next person. What I feel in Copper Harbor is remote and unspoiled. That seems lessened if there are towers.

  2. is free downloads but lengthy.

  3. Those pictures are ridiculously out of proportion. Anyone interested can visit the County Offices and see the "to-scale photo simulations".

  4. Has anybody thought how the area would grow if cell phone would work and faster internet service was present. I say forward with the tower and forwards with progress.