Friday, January 20, 2012

Copper Harbor Playground

It's snowing!  SNOWING!  For days.  I love it.  Hello, Winter!  Glad you made it to da Harbor!

In this snow, I've been playing.  I've been cross country skiing twice and gone on a wonderful snowshoe with friends since I posted last.  Tomorrow I plan to snowboard at Mt. Bohemia.  Yes, the snow is so good, I'm going on a Saturday!

The world is my playground.  I can go where I please on whatever gear is most suitable for the conditions and my imagination.  Well, some fine folks in Copper Harbor also want to create a playground for the school kids, families that come up in the summer and all the babies that are being born around here.

TV 6 News did a nice blurb on this project the other night.  Click here to watch that video.

They also have a website where you can keep updated on their progress and donate to help them reach their goal.

So if you're ready, come out and play!

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