Thursday, January 5, 2012

Up and Down the Mountain

It's a beautiful day in da Harbor with patchy sun and temps in the 30's.  Although, a beautiful day in da Harbor would also be 20 degrees, white skies, 15 mph NW winds and snow falling an inch an hour!  I'll keep the latter on my wish list.

I just got back from Fort Juniper.  Since the temps rose, I thought the snow would be nice and packy for building.  However, the air is still dry, and my snowbricks were crumbly.  Oh well.  I laid in it for a while and listened to the wind blow in the trees.  It's a pretty calm day, but the breeze sounds nice.  The lake is also beautifully blue and calm today.

Mt. Bohemia is forecasted to open this Saturday.  Then my friends and I can take the chair lift up!  Throughout the week, we have already skied it up pretty good by skinning up and skiing down.  

I have only done this for two days since 1) I am not that great of a skier... I'm a snowboarder!  So the way down often uses as much energy as the way up.  2) Have you ever climbed Mt. Bohemia?  It's hard enough in the summer with boots, let alone skis on your feet and a backpack on your back.  But maybe I am just a wuss :)

It was fun, though.  I definitely learned a lot, and my legs are getting stronger.  Thank goodness for my patient friends!

Me and Tiki half way up the front side.


  1. Wuss? I think not! Those are fat shaped skis for
    downhill not climbing up hill. I bought a new pair of shaped skis for Xmas and they are fat
    and I can't imagine going up the mountain with them. What a work out!

  2. Well, thanks for sharing the rare photo of da Amanda. Tiki looks pretty tired for half way up but she's a real trooper for following her master on such a journey. You on the other hard are one tough Keweenaw gal! I hope the trip down was worth the effort with the much more reasonable chairlift option coming soon. This has got to be the strangest winter in quite some time. Please keep sharing your adventures with us mere spectators. Thanks