Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shreddin Some Pow

It has been snowing almost consistently for about 48 hours.  Yesssssssssssss!!!

That made me want to go snowboarding at Mt. Bohemia.  Yesterday was the first time I've gone since they opened 6 days before.  Aaron and I got there right away for first chair.  The snow was glorious, and I made lots of runs down the front side before I even went to the back side in the Bear Den.  And the snow was even better back there!!!

I rode by myself for most of the day, but I almost prefer that (although the chair ride up gets a little chilly!). All in all I made 16 runs down in the time we could be there.  Made lots of turns, took a couple diggers, shivered my buns off and saw some friends.  It was lovely.

Now I'll just wait for a few more inches to fall and all the weekend tourists to go back home.  Then hopefully I can do it again next week!

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