Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Stroll Through da Harbor

Today I walked some errands all the way to the west end of town -- just before the Marina.  Boy, I thought.  This town sure is quiet.  So I snapped some pictures of the current happenings for you on my way back.  Here they are in the order I took them.

Phoebe's truck dressed as a reindeer!

The King Copper, like many other buildings, boarded up for the winter.

The Gap between Hunter's Point and Porter's Island.
This view never gets old.

Rocks resting in the lake.  The water is so clear!

Don Jr's equipment and decorations for another colorful winter in the park!

Perhaps I should take a more rugged adventure soon!


  1. Thanks for the pics and when you do videos. I like to see it off season.

    If you all want to see our end of the world here is a link for a webcame down here.

  2. Hey Amanda, we enjoy even your most pedestrian adventures just fine when they're from da Harbor...but I can hardly recognize the place given it's a breath away from December! You'll have all the rugged adventure you desire as soon as the real season sets in. The anticipation alone brings back great memories from the winters of 77-79, true classics for the Keweenaw. I wish you another to remember.