Sunday, November 27, 2011

"Little Slices of da Harbor" is Becoming a Reality!

I should update you on the progress of my book, Little Slices of da Harbor.  As of now, I have agreed to a contract with  Thank you Angela!  They have my file including 16 fabulous illustrations by Kevin Blackstone.  Thank you Kevin!

Little Slices will be a 95 page paperback.  It could be ready to purchase from by Christmas!!!  Or if you live in da Harbor, I plan on doing a signing/reading this winter to get things started.

Keep thinking good book thoughts for me!  Number one is on the way!


  1. Outstanding news Amanda! It seems we're both on similar tracks. I'm working with WTVS, the local PBS affiliate, to put out a 13-episode series on artistic woodturning and things are moving along quickly. There’s still a lot of work to do but they’re planning on filming around March or April, 2012. I’m really excited and busy. You don’t realize how much goes into a show until you try to do one. For instance, today I have to go to the county seat and register my production company name so that I have a business entity to work through so that potential sponsors have a place to send their money. I hope to find out how to get one of your books soon. Since I can’t get to Copper Harbor now I’ll have to settle for reading about it in your book. Keep enjoying the area for me while I’m not there.

  2. Hope you do a signing for us summer people!!!
    Be there week after the 4th of July

  3. I'll definitely do a couple signings in the summer... that's when the people are here! Thanks!