Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What I just Herd

I forgot to tell you that I'm on my annual trip to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving while Aaron hunts.  The boys go to hunting camp, and the girls, Aaron's mom and I, hang out and do fun girl things.  

Here in northwest Wisconsin, they got their first snow on Saturday.  It snowed half the day and all the night and most of the next day.  Probably about 5 inches stuck here.  Then it was time for that dirty 'sh' word: shoveling.  Shoveling was fun, though.  In da Harbor, we have a plowing machine, so I don't often have to do it up there.  It's good exercise, and Duce loves to catch the snow I throw off the shovel.

But you're probably thinking, "so what?  It snows in Wisconsin.  It snows in da UP.  Why are you wasting my precious time telling me about this?"  Chill out.  It's my transition.

Are you ready for something really Wisconsiny?  Yesterday Linda, Aaron's mom, and I were driving to Hayward.  On one of the  little roads by her house we saw something odd going on up ahead.  I thought they were hunters on the road at first, but hunters don't wear black.  Or weigh 500 pounds.  They were cows.  ON THE ROAD!  Ha!

There must have been 20 cows wandering down this road, lost.  As we drove by, they met up with another herd of cows behind their fence, probably to catch up on the latest moos.  Some of them jogged down the road.  Have  you ever seen a cow jog on the road?  I didn't know it was physically possible, but it sure was hilarious.  The funniest sight of this whole spectacle was a pregnant cow trotting down the road to catch up with the others.  I still chuckle when I envision that double wide belly bouncing dangerously over those stick legs.

I don't know if it's politically correct to laugh at big, pregnant, running cows, but I sure wish I got a video of that for you.  They just looked at us and mooed as we drove by.  We drove slowly as Duce starkly barked at the huge beasts.   We then stopped at the neighbors to let them know about the cows, but they already called the owners.  Apparently they had enough people to round them up because the cows were gone on our way back home.

Other than that, all is well.  Happy Thanksgiving to you.  


  1. When I lived in Indiana there was a road into town and it had the watch for the cattle signs and on some occasions we sat and waited as the farmer moved the herd out of the grazing field on to the road, then down the road, then into the barn side of the farm if that makes sense.

  2. Hey Dennis! Yup, I've seen that done before, but these cows definitely escaped. I wonder how it feels to be a cow out of the pen...