Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Walk

Tomorrow I will be a part of "The Walk" from Calumet to Copper Harbor -- 37 miles.  However, previous years in darkness and blurry dusk have proven the unlit beginning and end of this trek to be sketchy with drivers.  So we broke it up into parts.

Hannah and Kelly will be running (yes, they are crazy running girls) from Calumet to Phoenix.  Donica will be walking from Phoenix to Delaware.  Jo and I will be walking from Delaware to da Harbor.  I think that's a good split, and everyone seems to like it.  Others may join along the way.  Come on up with your walking shoes!!!

Why are we doing this?  To raise awareness and funds for the Gundlach Women's Shelter in Calumet.  Help save the women!!!  If you are interested in donating to our cause, you can send a check their way; let them know it's for "The Keweenaw Path" fundraiser.  Any amount helps, and it is much appreciated!

That's what I'll be doing tomorrow.  If you drive by, please honk, and show your support.  We are all meeting at the Mariner North at 3 pm when we are done.  Mmm, food will taste so good!

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