Wednesday, October 5, 2011

4th Annual Bike Over Brockway Mountain

This week promised to be sunny and 60 degrees, so when I woke up on Monday morning, I decided to take my annual bike trip over Brockway Mountain and back: 20 miles round trip.

Ah, yes, Brockway Mountain.  726 feet above Lake Superior.  The place all the tourists and locals drive up to look at the turning leaves, watch the sun sink into the lake and use their cell phones.  I figured a Monday morning wouldn't have heavy traffic, so I went for it -- in shorts and a short-sleeve jersey.  Woo hoo, sunshine!

Note: If you are not familiar with Brockway Mountain, please reference the end of last year's post to learn about direction, mileage and riding time.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I don't have anything too memorable to report except  that it was hard work.  Man, oh, man there are some steep spots on that hill -- going both ways!  When I came back down the east side (down, mind you) I really had to pedal hard in my lowest gear in a couple spots.  And going down some of the spots I came up, I asked myself, "How the heck did I make it up this hill?"

My pictures of the valley didn't turn out either.  Drat.

But I have another year under my belt, and it took me the same amount of time as last year, almost to the minute.  Maybe someone will come with me next year.

Color Update:
The leaves have not yet peaked on the north side of the Keweenaw.  Looking at pictures of past years, they certainly are behind now.  But who wants to tell Mother Nature she's running behind?!  Maybe this weekend or next week they will peak.  Highway 41, Gratiot Lake Road, Lac La Belle Road and others south of here are quite spectacular, though -- at least they were last week!

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  1. Hi Amanda, I drove over the Brockway this weekend and can't even imagine biking it. Kudos to you!.. especially for braving it four years in a row. I hope you at least took a few breaks to enjoy the spectacular color and views that we take for granted if we see it too often. Here's to a soft and slow transition into winter for you and yours.