Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Patience is a virtue.  Since you waited so long for me to post, I’m going to make it up to you by adding some lovely pictures. Go ahead, scroll down.  Hopefully I won’t forget everything I have to tell you.

Let me start by saying that “The Walk” went well.  We had two runners and three walkers covering our 37 mile stretch.  Jo and I walked the last 12 miles together.  Here we are at our starting post.

A couple notable events:  We saw a turkey cross the road.  That might be the first turkey I have ever seen up here.  During our stretch of pavement, we wondered how the heck we walked that whole way the last few years.  Jo kept saying that it was nice not to be walking on “stumps.”  Yes, we could actually feel our feet by the end of it!

Next year’s adventure is scheduled for May 9, 2012.  That one will be a doozy.  Stay tuned for details!

If you have experienced any kind of media today, you probably already know that the Northern Lights made an appearance last night.  A crew of us walked outside at around 10:30 pm to watch them fill up the whole north half of the sky.  I have never seen that phenomenon where they all meet at the halfway point and turn the rest of the sky green.  From here, they were only green, but a spectacle as always.

Today I went for a hike up Keweenaw Mountain.  Oh, did I need that.  I thought I might find some Harboresque pictures for you, so I took my camera.

Below is the “bear” made out of a fallen over tree stump.  It gets me every time -- even when I know it’s the stump, I think, “oh, but there could really be a bear there this time!”  Come on, use your imagination... he even has a face!  He looks like he's coming at me with a stick.  Run!

I also saw this little birdie eating something white.  Do you know what kind of bird this is?  It made a beautiful sound.

As I looked back at the nose of Brockway Mountain, I thought you might like to see its yellow colors reflecting in the little pond.

Here is another shot with the Garden Brook Valley as the dip in the middle.

Other than that, I AM FREE!!! and it feels wonderful.


  1. Where is the start of the trail up the Mountain so next time we can hike it? I'm not aware of this at all! We have done the Hunter's Point and the 600 year old pines hikes. I want to hike around horseshoe bay as well. Didn't make it to Copper Harbor this fall so your posts had
    to do for us this year! Which is great. I miss the Harbor Haus! Thanks!

  2. Hey there Amanda, could the bird possibly be a Bohemian Waxwing, maybe immature. It's within it's migration range. Glad you saw the big lights display which I unfortunately missed. I'm heading out now to see if it's a repeat performance tonight! Take care

  3. Hey Bayfield! Next time you're up, grab a bike trail map at the general store and start at the trail head for a great adventure. We have many miles of scenic trails through valleys and over ridges. You won't believe what you'll find!

  4. Hey MIchael! I don't know what bird that is... I was hoping one of my readers would tell me! Come on, Aunt Mary, you're my ornithologist! Thanks for your thoughts, Michael. Take care.

  5. Thanks much! AWESOME! I love hiking adventures.
    You get real hungry hiking and then visit the Harbor Haus and Mariner restaurants! What could be better on a vacation week? Support the local
    economy! Copper Harbor is a real gem as you
    well know and promote.

  6. Hey Amanda
    Check out this site to see if the call matches.

  7. Thanks for trying, guys, but that's not the bird. I searched through all relative pages of my Birds of North America book twice, which leads me to believe this one was on its way to a warmer place. What a mystery!

  8. I got it! It is a pine grosbeak, either an immature male or a female with a rose crown. That's the one... thanks, Aunt Mary! I knew you'd know.

  9. Yes, yes... I would agree. It does look like an immature Pine Grosbeak. Your Aunt Mary is one sharp birder!