Thursday, December 16, 2010

9,000 Miles and 14 States Later...

Home again. Home again. Jiggity jig.

Last night brought many moments of excitement as we worked our way north: the Portage Canal lift bridge (ooooh), the Hancock hill, Calumet (oh, boy!), Mohawk, Cliff Drive (getting closer...), the Phoenix church, Delaware (Delawhat?), the covered stretch (almost there!), Lake Medora, the Mountain Lodge (all downhill!) and finally, finally the blinking light in front of her majesty, Lake Superior.

Oh, it sure feels nice to be home. I even got to look at all the Christmas lights in the park as we drove by.

For my Harbor updates, there's not as much snow as I would have thought. Really, only a few inches right in da Harbor. We even have bare spots on the driveway. Some snowy ice is floating on this East end of the Harbor, but it's definitely not frozen over. My friend the bell buoy is gone. Good thing I said goodbye before I left! The rest of the summer businesses are boarded up. I saw a handful of snowmobilers, but otherwise, the town is peace and quiet. I love this place.

Otherwise, things seem pretty much the same as when I left. I'm looking forward to a lovely winter this year.

Before I close the trip thoughts, I must say thank you to Barb, Dan and the girls in Bayfield, CO and Abbie and Karilynn (sp?) in Avon, CO for putting us up for days in a row while we visited. That's what friends and family are for! I can only expect to have lots of people crashing at our house after this trip -- it's crashing karma.

Oh, props to Mr. Butters, who was such a good boy the whole way. He is happy to have his couch back. So am I.

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