Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Finishing Colorado

One cool thing about the Colorado skier life in the Vail area (besides the great snow and long runs) is the entertainment. This weekend presented "Vail Snow Daze." What does this mean? Lots of people and free outdoor concerts.

Free concerts? Oh, yeah. On Thursday night we watched Mix Master Mike, the dj from the Beastie Boys, spin the records on the decks. What a great show with lights, screens and bass. Spine tingling bass -- something I haven't heard in the Keweenaw -- ever. It was, um, really awesome. We danced the whole time.

Sunday night was Weezer. I've heard Weezer tunes since high school. And there they were, playing in their goofy sweaters and hats while we bounced around in our ski pants and boots. The show ended a little too early, and we were pretty sober, but hey, it was a free concert! We made the best of it. After all, it was our last day in Vail.

But before that last day, we had one more powder day. Some places had 15" of fresh snow to cruise on. Really, another great day in Vail with two more that followed. It made me look forward to Mt. Bohemia. Is it snowing in da Keweenaw? I don't know... I hope so!

For five days we ripped up the Rockies. One special trip was the Minturn Mile. This Mile, which is actually seven miles, drops off the back side of Vail mountain and into the town of Minturn. The first 20 turns are glory powder turns. I mean, thick, solid, steady snow fit for surfing on. Oh, it was deep and glorious -- hence glory powder.

The rest of this "Mile" was gradual descents on a single track path of snow. I actually did okay for a snowboarder without any poles to push myself through the flat sections. It was a unique experience that ended in a luge-type style where I had to curb my speed and not fly off into the creek. I made it out dry and proud.

The social aspects and snow in Vail surely made that part of the trip a cool experience. The other thing that, surprisingly, always took me by surprise was the fact that whenever I went outside I saw mountains. Mountains all the time. Everywhere. I guess I'm just not used to that. But they were snow-covered beauties. Here is a picture of them from Denver. I even took it myself.

Today we drove all the way to Omaha, Nebraska. We're on the way home. We are ready for da Harbor once again. My little slice of da West has come to an end. Thank you for coming with me!

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  1. Fantastic trip story and well written.
    I have done everything you mentioned except Oregon. I really enjoy following the progress of
    the trip as it brings back my memories of the same travels. Vail is the best place! I also did the Minturn Mile!