Monday, December 6, 2010


I could tell that Barb and Aaron wanted to ski the day after our low oxygen mountain climb through the thick snow. I racked my brain for another adventure idea, so that could be avoided.

"Aren't ski passes $31 at Wolf Creek on Wednesdays?" I asked. Yes, they were. And it was Wednesday. We geared up for our first real afternoon of skiing... without climbing up.

The sun rosied our cheeks on the way up the lift. The way down in the snow was phenomenal: soft and strong! We got fresh tracks all over that hill... and hardly anyone else was there! We all agreed that it was a great day of riding down the mountain... and an easy day for Amanda.

Two days later we left for Denver to have a social time with a couple other friends that could easily get to the there. A night in Denver... good thing we stayed in the hotel most of the time!

From there we scurried West to the Avon/Eagle area, where Aaron's cousins live. Our first full day there we rode Vail Mountain. Vail!? Vail is the mecca of ski hills in the country, they say. And we rode it for four hours.

The long, smooth runs were nothing like I have ever boarded before. I mean, some of the runs were s0 long and smooth that I felt like I was cheating somehow! What was the challenge? Snowboarding couldn't really be that easy. But it was. The snow was a little crusty and wind-blown in spots. Since most of the runs we skied were groomed, we really didn't get much for fresh pow, but the fast-paced action made it all worth it for me.

The coolest part of the day was that it was "Social Sunday," which meant that at a couple points throughout the day we were all in a group of about 15 other skiers. We drank PBR on one of the decks on the hill while grilling hot dogs. What a sweet little break! "Social Sunday." An all new experience for this girl.

Today, since we were waiting for more snow, we hiked up a mountain with the dogs. Up and up until, finally, someone mentioned that going back down would be a good idea. My sweating pits agreed.

All is well in winterland. I suspect we'll be making our way back home a week from today. I will be ready to return to da Harbor.

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