Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Ahhh, the sixth of July. The last few days have been crazy. Cars. People. Kids. Dogs. Bikers. Boats. Mountain bikes. Pedestrians. Shoppers. Drunkards. Campers. More kids. The town fills up for the Independence Day celebration here in da Harbor. And now, many of them have gone back home.

The fireworks this year were, once again, better than ever. Have you ever been up here for the show? It's pretty amazing. I would imagine Washington D.C. might have a better show, but this little town is pretty top notch. Remember all those people I listed in the previous paragraph? That's why most of them came here -- to oooh and ahhh for darn near half an hour.

As I was watching the show along the shoreline, I was contemplating whether the fireworks are so great here because the firework buyers pick a lot of neat colors, shapes and sizes or because this little town, that holds multiple fundraising efforts to buy fireworks, has such a primo show. I knew the latter was the answer, and I smiled with pride between my own ooohs and ahhhs to know that I was part of what made it all possible.

So way to go Copper Harbor, for another successful Fourth of July!

Now let me bring you out of the sky and back down to earth. In the ditches along the road on my commute to work, the roses, hairy vetch, hawkweed and lupines have been replaced by St. John's wort, daisies, mallow, yarrow and buttercups. I'll will let you google any of those species that sound intriguing. I like the variety of how the ditches and fields change colors throughout the summer.

And... the cherries are ripe! All the berries are in season, except the thimbles. I haven't had a chance to get out and pick lately, but I've still gotten a fix of one type or another every day. You know how I need my fix!

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