Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bird Food

In 2010 I've tipped out of a kayak into Lake Superior. I've rinsed my hair on Isle Royale in Lake Superior. I've ran through the waves of Great Sand Bay of Lake Superior to get Duce's flippy flopper (because he wouldn't). But I haven't actually swam in it before today. I'd guess the water temp is about 50 degrees F right now. That's just a body temp guess.

I normally will never go into her frigid waters unless I am hot and sweaty -- usually after a bike ride. Today, however, I went on a run, so I could jump into her majesty and splash around for a bit.

I'd better warn you that I am not a swimmer. I'm a flailer and a panter. But during a warm moonlight swim with Rachel one night, she gave me some pointers about how to keep my head above water. Literally.

This morning I ran to the lighthouse and ate lots of berries along the way. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Now that's the kind of run I like! The sun was beating, but the air wasn't too muggy. The run gave me the sweat I needed to make the Lake look appealing.

I kicked off my running shoes and ran into her shallow waves. Shrilling a few eeks, I made it thigh high -- the perfect height to belly flop in. It was chilly at first, but, as they say, I got used to it. And I actually swam around with the whitecaps plundering my head. It was no peaceful blue lagoon, but the rollers kept me entertained.

As my head bobbed with the waves, someone in the sky took note of my vulnerability. An eagle came sailing toward me. Oh, man! I thought. It wants to eat me! So I doggy paddled to where I could touch the sand and waved my arms to show that massive raptor that I was pretty big too. It flew away, and as it did, I watched a couple seagulls diving at it. Birds are funny sometimes.

That incident reminded me of Friday, when I was laying on the dock studying flowers and berries. Just laying in the warm, peaceful sun. I saw shadows around me and looked up to see seven turkey vultures circling around me! I threw out my arms, kicked my legs and shouted, "I'm not a carcass! Leave me alone!" After a while, they did.

Whew. Have you ever had that feeling that you were going to be eaten by a flock of birds? It's scarier than I would have thought. Guess I just have to show them who's at the top of the food chain.

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