Sunday, July 18, 2010


I'm beginning to get a bit of a soft spot for Summer in da Harbor. I know I have complained in the past about all the people and traffic and heat and work and events to volunteer for, but hey, that's life. That's why I'm able to live here the rest of the time.

So where did this soft spot grow from? Do I suddenly love following tourists down 41 at 20 mph? Do I love answering the same questions all the time? No and no. Here is the yes: nature is alive. For one, the berries are everywhere, and if I take the time to collect them, I can eat them all year round. For two, this area is full of wild edible plants. I have been foraging for the last few weeks.

I found medicinal plants -- Healall, St. John's Wort, rose hips and Yarrow. I've found peppermint and nettle for tea. I've found burdock, sumac, Evening Primrose, cattails and wild parsnip to eat. And there's plenty more which I have not yet found or identified. I have many of the above mentioned species drying for use over the winter. For free.

This is my new addiction (we all have our vices). If I go out for an adventure, I want to be able to identify all the flowers and trees I see. If I see a new blossoming one, I have to look it up when I get home. Also, many berries in the woods are edible -- not so much for a pie, but if the world suddenly ends -- they have nutrients and won't kill me either.

I wouldn't be able to see or find any of these wonderful plants any other time of the year. Summer is when they grow. So I must make a shout out to Summer for being one of my four favorite seasons here in da Harbor. S-U-M-M-E-R! What's that spell? Summer! Summer! Yaaaaaaaaaay Summer!

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  1. You're an awesome writer & teacher! Thanks so much.