Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To Rail or Not to Rail

The Ocha Potter Terrain Park is up and running. Aaron goes up to work on it most everyday. Knowing that there was to be a beginner line, I was eager to hit some rails for the first time in my life. But when I actually got there and looked at them, that was a different story.

I eyed a couple of the "easy" ones up for what seemed like hours. Then, realizing that it was not plausible under any circumstances (except maybe a shot of whiskey), I decided to just hit the jump at the bottom of the run. I've been practicing jumps at Mt. Bohemia, and I really enjoy them. I was hoping all the jumps I was trying would get me ready for the rails at the Park. No such luck.

But that kicker at the bottom was pretty sweet. I hit it five times -- four without falling and once at an actually decent speed. Being a 27 year old female, I have a high fear factor. Don't be offended if you are a fearless 27 year old female because not everyone is a big of a wuss as I am.

Finally, after comfortably flying through the air multiple times, I was ready to try my luck on a hard steel rail. The first real attempt left me chickening out at the last second, but at least I knew what to expect coming up to it, so I felt ready to try again. The second time I was going to do it. Aaron and Duce were watching.

That time, I baled at the even laster second -- I was already on the ramp up. Then, of course, I got in trouble by the park maker for ruining his ramp. Oy, was I ever going to make that leap?

I realized that my state of mind was not going to launch me at that point in time. I trudged up the hill for the last time that day and took off my boots. I will do this another day, I told myself. I just might need to bring a flask.

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