Monday, January 25, 2010

Making the Best of It

Today, despite the sprinkles of rain, I decided to take a trip past the beginning of Hwy. 41 on the snowmobile trail. What kind of trip it was going to be would be decided when I got there. I put my xc ski gear, snowshoes and dog in the truck and headed to where the pavement ends.

The snow didn't look too terrible, so I strapped on my skis and decided to go for it. I really could have hiked it in my boots, but this road goes up and up a ridge. I was eager to come back down on my skis and feel like a real skier for once.

When I got to the turn toward Horseshoe Harbor, I was tempted to take that way to the shore and watch the lake for a while. But the ground was a bit too sandy for my skis, and I decided against it. Dogs are not allowed there anyway, as it is a nature preserve. So up the ridge we went some more.

A couple times I stopped just to listen to the world around me. Wow, it was a quiet day. I could faintly hear the lake to the Northwest. Mr. Weatherman says the wind is going to blow tomorrow, so I enjoyed the calm while I could. Another time I stopped, I was fortunate enough to catch the sound of a woodpecker in a nearby tree. I love watching woodpeckers. They sure are persevering.

When I was sweaty enough, I figured it was time to try my luck at the downhill. I mostly just skid down as best I could without falling. It was pretty anti-climactic, really, but it sure was more fun than going back up!

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