Sunday, January 3, 2010

All the Pretty Colors

Happy New Year! I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about this one. I’m hoping to make this my best year yet. Why? Because I do that with every year.

In da Harbor, 2010 started out with at bang -- actually, lots of bangs and booms and pops. Eat your hear out, Time Square. Copper Harbor has the best New Year’s party around. Zik’s Bar, once again, had live music, hats, noise makers, champagne, kisses, whiskey and a balloon drop. Not bad for the end of the earth, hey? After this chaos at midnight we stepped out into the frosty air to watch the fireworks.

Fireworks again? Yes, fireworks again. This year’s show was quite spectacular. I didn’t expect anything too elaborate, but everytime I thought the show was over, boom, boom, boom came some more! It was more exciting than most places’ grand finale, and the whole show was lit off at a grand finale pace!

So not only did I get to watch fireworks for this grand occasion, but I got to watch them above the Christmasy lit up park. Colored lights above and colored lights below! Anyone on hallucinogens surely would have overloaded their senses. I wish I had evidence of this merriment, but once again, my lack of photography skills and remembering to bring a camera deny me any photos to share with you. But you know, they wouldn’t have done the scene justice anyway.

In the midst of my having a moment about how freakin awesome this is for a little town, I went around to others to make sure they were fully taking in this venue. “Have you ever seen fireworks over a park lit up with Christmas lights before?” Nobody had, but they sure were impressed.

And there I stood, bouncing and shivering next to people I didn’t necessarily know. But in a moment like that, I couldn’t help but feel that we were all brothers and sisters.

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