Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Getting Lighter Everyday

I know I've mentioned before, that the sun does not set until after 11 pm on the longest day of the year here in da Harbor. But have I ever mentioned how quickly the shortest day seems to get to the longest? For this 19th day of January, the length of visible light (according to Weather Underground) is 10 hours and 10 minutes. Tomorrow we will have 2 minutes and 17 seconds more visible light. Over two minutes in one day? It may seem drastic, but it's true.

Now I wouldn't have known those details if I didn't look them up. The only reason I was even curious was because it's quite noticeable to the eye. Last month at this time, I was only able to see the "city lights" in da Harbor from my house. Now I can still see the trees, water and slight orange glow on the horizon (which, might I add, often makes me quite giddy).

Two minutes a day. And if I'm not mistaken, as the sun appears more and more North in the sky, the light of day can grow over three minutes daily! So every day the sun rises one and a half minutes earlier and sets one and a half minutes later. I know this isn't as extreme as Alaska or even the North Pole, but for the mainland U.S., it's pretty spectacular to this earth-enamored girl. I'm allowed to have my moments, right?

And before you know it, you'll be able to catch spectacular sunsets over Sharon's webcam. Ah, yes. It's always nice to catch a little slice of heaven from right here in da Harbor.

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