Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Skis and No Ice

The last two days have been cross country ski days for me. On my first day out, the trails were not freshly groomed by any means, but I’ve been longing to give it a try. I found enough of a track along the way to make it enjoyable. Hard, sweaty work type enjoyable.

Like snowshoeing and snowboarding, the skiing came with an oh-my-gosh-I-forgot-how-much-work-this-is surprise. The “work” is in the arms -- trying to pull myself forward with poles. I also remembered too, that I liked xc skiing for this reason. I don’t get a good arm workout like this in many other aspects of my day.

Though this is the beginning of the winter in da Harbor, it is winter nonetheless. I have partaken in all of my outdoor activities in the snow. It’s time for more to fall. But the component of winter that I have not touched on yet is a slippery one: the ice.

Remember when I told you about that peaceful day on the north shore? Since the lake was so still, ice started forming in the harbor. And it has been since then. Sure the expanse of it would vary each day, but ice was on the harbor -- at least on the east side. And today it is all gone. The temperature must be warm enough for it not to stick because the waves have not been, what I would conside, much at all.

I had to tell you that because, although I know how spontaneous its appearance is, I was shocked to see it all gone. At least Aaron is making the best of that -- he’s trying to catch us dinner. I’ve been dreaming of fresh spake for months now.

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