Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Surprise

As far as I know, I didn’t ask for anything for Christmas. Maybe I should have because I got something devastating.

On Christmas Eve day, Aaron and I went to Bohemia to ride the fluffy, white powder. It was the freshest of the fresh. It fell in globs as we rode down the mountain. “What a great Christmas present!” I told myself! And I didn’t even ask for it! But I usually work Thursdays, and being it was Xmas break, I was elated to spend the day in the best of conditions. I was having so much fun that I couldn’t believe when the liftee told me it was last ride up! No! I’m having so much fun! I wanted to scream! But I knew I was coming back the next day, and it promised to be spectacular too.

So the next day started off wonderful. Pure, fresh rides down an extremely unpopulated hill. It’s always the best when I’m one of the few people there -- I get so many fresh turns to myself. Another glorious day, I thought.

I was in denial as I looked over Lake Superior from the top of the lift and saw rain clouds. It won’t be much, I told myself. Just a short sprinkle, if anything. But those clouds sure were big and dark.

So I rode and rode in the sticky snow. I didn’t have the right wax on my board for such warm conditions. On my seventh ride up, I was getting rained on. I still tried to deny it, but the soggy spots on my pants told me the truth. I was determined to keep riding, though, and I went for a couple more runs.

But by then, my jacket and pants were soaked, my goggles looked like a windshield with no wipers and my board would hardly slide down the flat parts. It was time to be done for me.

Now, I am okay with the fact that my snowboarding day got cut short -- one that was supposed to be great. But the fact that it poured and rained for the rest of the day was really quite sickening. As I look out at the brown pathways, exposed rocks and sidewalk, I cannot help but feel my heart sink just a little. Good-bye, snow. Come back soon!

I think, yes, it is snowing out already.

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