Monday, December 7, 2009

Inbetween Season

It really is winter. It came quickly. So quickly that we don’t even have winter tires on the car. So quickly that I had to dig out my boots and scarf before I could go anywhere. Remember all that unseasonably warm and sunny weather we were having up here? It turned winter within a day. Raise a toast to winter!

I even saw snowmobilers today. They came all the way up here on ungroomed trails to realize that the gas station isn’t open. Luckily for them, the Gas Lite General Store usually has a secret stash. But as for the next sledders who come here... they’re probably stuck here for a while.

Isn’t that crazy, though? A town actually exists that doesn’t always have a gas station open. The locals definitely have to prepare themselves in the spring and fall, so they can stay mobile. As long as I’m prepared, I love it. I love telling people that they shoulda filled up before they came here. But I must be mean. Yes. Yes, I am.

So it’s winter, but it’s kinda that inbetween time where I think: the hill is not open yet for snowboarding, there’s not enough snow to cross country ski, too much for biking... what do I do? Never fear. When I am antsy enough, I will always find something to do. So far this year, the answer is snow hiking. The great outdoors is perfectly suited for boots and snowpants and hoofing it. And with the nice layer of snow to pad the forest floor, I don’t have to stay on the trails! Today I was hiking down “Here We Go” and took some liberties to slide down parts of it on my bum. It adds a whole new element to outdoor adventure.

Tomorrow I’ll be at school again and will get to go sledding with the kids. Another perfect sport for an antsy outdoor enthusiast.

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