Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Little Things on the Double Lakeshore Loop

From day to day, and even during a single day, the weather has no idea what it wants to do.  One day was gorgeous and sunny, then the next night dropped to nearly freezing temperatures.  The nights are cooling down.  That helps the trees turn colors.

Color Report
Every day now, I hear someone new say that the way up North on Highway 41 is turning red.  The maples are becoming crimson, fresh blood and plum.  Not too much of the pinks and tangerines, but maybe they are to come.  Once you get to the Covered Stretch, however, those vibrant colors cease.  My advice?  If you like the reds, plan your trip and come up soon.  The oaks and birches have yet to turn.  Even Brockway Valley is still totally green.  If you come up this weekend, you'll see some nice colors, but not all of them.

I hadn't been out on my Double Lakeshore Loop since hepatica season.  That was four months ago!  So  Duce and I went out on Thursday.  Here are some pictures of the green foliage I found captivating.

One little orange and yellow mushroom

New life springing up in a drifted trunk on the shore

The path of beach rock covered in moss

So many little green things in one spot!

The foliage decorates an old stump

We just had a busy weekend, so people are still coming up in anticipation of the vibrant colors.  I am anticipating them as well, since I love bright colors in general.  I hope to get up to my favorite spot to scope out the leaves.  And this time, I'll actually bring my camera!

I have started a fire in the wood stove a couple times now.  The nights just get so chilly, and the house doesn't warm up during the day with the winds and lack of sunshine.  Even though the atmosphere mixing with that Big Lake is constantly changing our view, it sure is magical to watch.  I've got a treat for you next time as an example.

Stay tuned and have a wonderful day!

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  1. Thanks for the reports Amanda. I'm hoping the color holds up well until we're up the first weekend in October. Nice eye on the photos!