Monday, September 9, 2013

A Breath of Fall Air

Know what's incredible?  I don't know if I'm more blown away by the relief I feel or the fact that it happens like this every year, and I forget about it.  September is here.  A weight lifted from my body.  Even though I tried to breathe deeply in August, I took my first REAL deep breath on Labor Day Monday.  The sprint is over.  Time to stretch.

Although this doesn't mean we have our town back quite yet, we just have more time to catch up on all the things we put aside during August.  I know I'm not the only one who neglects cleaning my house for the summer.  When people walk in, we just say, "Sorry about the mess; it's August."  And they understand.

Our last big hoorah was busy despite the rain.  For the Bell's Beer Copper Harbor Trails Fest, the cross country racers pedaled through the raindrops.  They came back so muddy it was hard to tell who they were!  Luckily, though, no one was seriously injured.  Spirits remained high throughout the evening thanks to the beer tent, cajun music and a large bonfire.

It's that time of year again, so here we go.

Color Report
It seems like bilberry bushes and creeping dogbane are always the first to turn -- purple spots and yellow leaves, respectively.  Ferns are browning and crisping like rotisserie chicken.  As for the big trees, you've got a while yet.  I'd call no more than 10% change on those, and I just took a drive south to scout for you.

The cooler temps have picked up, though, so I'll keep you updated.  We've had some windy days too, but it looks fairly calm today.  And it SMELLS like fall.  My heart is at peace.

I have five more weeks of bartending left, then I will be able to get out on some adventures for you.  I'm as antsy as you are.


  1. The smells are always one of the best things about the fall season... rain or shine. Here's to more free times, and many more harbor adventures!

  2. I also love the Fall, no matter where I am in Michigan. Thanks for your local update. That helps me get through the day here just north of Detroit. Enjoy it all for me since I can't be there to do it myself.