Friday, September 27, 2013

"Beautiful Day Today"

The weather has been so pleasant that everyday we get to say, "Beautiful day today" to whoever we are talking to.  Mostly visitors for me, since they are coming to the Harbor Haus in droves.  At least the last two weeks of work won't be boring!

Color Report
"They're turning a little more each day," I hear people who actually leave Copper Harbor and drive the roads say.  The consensus seems to be about 25% change south of the Covered Stretch.  The Covered Stretch itself is spotty with some brilliant maples.  Not much change in the Brockway Valley yet.  With these warmer temps, colors are changing slowly.

I thought about you the other day before I went to work, and I brought my Go Pro to shoot a time lapse of the interesting sky over Copper Harbor for you.  Aren't I sweet?

(I recommend fullscreen mode for it) 

Oh my gosh, guess what.  I got a kayak!!!  Now I can cross Fanny Hooe and head out to Porter's Island and paddle to Horseshoe Harbor and traverse Isle Royale in my very own kayak!  That means a whole new set of adventures for you to follow me on.  I am pumped.

Other than that, all the businesses are still open up here for lodging, food, gas and gifts, so come on up (hint, hint Mama and Papa).  Next week should be beautiful for colors, we're predicting.  As for the weather, I won't even try to predict that!

Back to the grind for me.  But at least life is good!


  1. Thanks for the report. Always nice to keep up with life up there. My life has had a change take place. My job cut my hours to 20/week. This translates into more time on the lathe. Many new items will be coming out soon. I'll have some money coming in from the job and will be able to enjoy my passion even more. Being an artist yourself I'm sure you understand. I enjoy your writing. Stay happy.

  2. Throw in a pic of the kayak next time or paddle it with the go pro on you. Enjoy!