Sunday, September 15, 2013

Crashing in the Harbor

Today I woke up to the wind brushing branches and leaves against my house.  I opened my eyes and saw gray skies.  As I threw the covers down, goosebumps pimpled my flesh.  Strolling toward the glass front door, I saw the waves on Lake Superior.  And when I opened it, they shouted the songs of fall.

"Okay!"  I decided, "time to find some kindling!"

Though I didn't start a fire yet today, I have all my wood dry and ready for at least a couple starts.  Aaron is in Las Vegas (a place he would never choose to be) for bike meetings, so I need to keep Duce and myself warm.

On my way to Jamsen's Fish Market and Bakery -- my summer addiction, as Jill makes irresistible thimbleberry frosting for her chocolate donuts and cheddar/bacon/chive scones -- I saw the waves crashing on the shore by the Harbor Haus.  Wait a minute... I rarely see THAT!  So I grabbed my GoPro to shoot you some video because now I have more time for you.  Isn't that wonderful?

After my camera was full of footage, I felt something.  It was a feeling that I haven't felt for months.  A rush of excitement rippled through me as I pedaled home to plug my camera into the computer to see what I captured so I could edit it and upload it and share it with you!  A VIDEO!  YES!!!  It's been so long.

I can't say it's the best video I've made ever, but it's something for you to watch instead of just reading my words.

Color Report
Um, well, it's cooler than before.  I can't say much has changed right in town here.  I'll get some more details from a coworker who drives 41 often.  But don't get your undies in a bundy (my mom always said that).  I think it's gonna be a couple weeks yet.  I promise I'll keep the updates coming more rapidly when things start to change.  Just sit tight; I would never intentionally let you down.  

Ooh, the Copper Harbor Chili Cookoff is this Saturday afternoon!  Contest categories are for classic chili, specialty chili, cornbread and berry pie.  Bring up your concoction no later than 3:30 pm to the park to enter it!  Otherwise, just come and eat with your Harborite friends.

I won't but you any longer today.  Enjoy the moment while you have it!


  1. Thanks so much for the video. Now if only I could smell the fresh air to go with it the experience would be complete. I'd love to be there for the chili cook off, but not this time. If only they'd fire me from my job I would have the time to get up there. Of course then there'd be a money issue. Oh well...someday.

  2. Where were you standing? Looke a little like Rocky Ledge...wish I was still there...

  3. Dee, I was standing on the rocky shore just before the little path that goes to the left. I was getting splashed 6 feet back! I thought I saw you walking your pups when you were up in August. Next time we'll have to catch up! Take care!