Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Berries, Bohemia and a Beetle

If you like to pick service berries, bilberries or blueberries, you better come on up.  I eat handfuls of each of them as I walk the trails.

Thimbleberries are spotty, but they are going to be bountiful.  Raspberries and blackberries have a ways to go yet in Copper Harbor.

Whew, there is my berry report.

Know what report I never though I would give you this time of year?  A waterfall report!  That's right, we've had so much rain lately that they are still rushing like they were in late spring.  So if you love waterfalls, get your butt up here!

And if you like cool weather, this is your spot.  Man, oh man, we have had some chilly days.  People are saying, "boy, this is the first year I had to start a fire in July!" or "I had to turn my furnace on last week to get the chill out."  It's true, and I did that too.

It doesn't make for happy campers, but the berries seem to love it!

Yesterday I went to Mount Bohemia Resort for an assignment.  I decided to hike up the face of the mountain to get a couple shots for it.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  I have been pedaling up that steep part of Brockway Mountain Drive, but hiking straight up those ski runs is ridiculous.  I can hardly go down stairs today!

What?  No one is perfect!

Lac La Belle and Deer Lake from the top

And here are a couple shots I got while photographing kayakers and paddle boarders at Bete Gris beach.

A beautiful beetle carcass in the sand

The clouds above the beach

And this Saturday I get to bike in my first Copperman Triathlon!  I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. Hey Amanda,

    Picked TONS of huge service berries this year down south here... a bumper crop! Just got done (2am!) canning the first round of wild raspberry jam and wild blueberry jam of the year... Alyssa and I will be up there again next weekend so hopefully there are some berries left for my jam making streak to continue! We looked for ya the last time we were up but didn't see you so we stopped in the brewery instead and drank beer in the dark (power was out)... maybe this time we'll find you? ;)

  2. Stop tormenting me with your great blogs on Copper Harbor! Can't wait to get back up north. Jonathan

  3. Re: Hike up Mt. Bohemia - It's amazing how you consistently manage to challenge yourself. I think it's great! It was good conditioning for the Copperman because you blew by everybody. John