Thursday, August 15, 2013

On Top of Mountains

My last post was in July???  It must be August then!!!

You would be proud of me.  I just sent out my last articles about Mount Bohemia Adventure Resort. hired me to write them.  For my research, I kayaked Lac La Belle, hiked to the top of Mount Bohemia (yes, I am recovered) and mountain biked Bohemia.  Check out one of my live articles about it at this link!

So now that that's done, I don't have such strict deadlines.  I mean, I have a few more articles to write for other publications, but I need to get out and enjoy myself a little before I delve much deeper right now.  No worries, though.  Life is grand.

Did I tell you about Breakfast on the Flow?  Each Sunday morning from 8 - 9 am, the owners, cooks and staff from The Harbor Haus Restaurant pack up food, coffee, stoves and place settings and hike it to a spot on The Flow trail.  Then they make breakfast for everyone who shows up!  It's awesome!  Here are some pictures from last Sunday.

Breakfast cooks in action!

Happy breakfast eaters!

Do you take your coffee with a view?

Pretty cool, hey?  Do you know why they do this every Sunday through Labor Day Weekend?  Because they love the trails!  You can enjoy a scrumptious breakfast with friends and a great view all for a donation to the Copper Harbor Trails Club.  The CHTC truly appreciates the Harbor Haus for doing this, and you for supporting it.  This Sunday's menu includes gourmet omelets with fruit and tabouli salad!

Most of the berries are peaking right now.  Blackberries and chokecherries have a couple weeks yet, but come on up for the rest!

Oh, I finally jumped into Lake Superior for my first time this summer.  It was on Sunday after mountain biking Bohemia... and a beer because that takes some courage to jump in there.  It actually wasn't too bad that day.  I would do it again.

Gosh, now I have to get ready for work.  You know, my other job besides writing -- bartending.  I bet it will be another busy night in da Harbor!


  1. For a view like that, yes I would even drink coffee.

  2. Rich, you really need the caffeine?? ;-) We'll try getting up there for breakfast this Sunday.

    Arlyn, Sandy and Gromit the trail mutt.

  3. Actually I think I need more of something that starts with a T. Although I have enough to enjoy the view pictured in Amanda's story here.
    Gromit, I was thinking lately that it's been a long while since I saw any news from you and those adorable humans or yours.