Sunday, July 21, 2013

Almost Berries!

I am still alive!!!

Yikes.  I run around like a mad hen sometimes.  But I am happy.  

The berries are starting to pop.  Here are some shots I took of them yesterday in town.


Bilberries before I ate the ripish ones

Serviceberries are ready when they're purple

Yesterday, on my bike ride to train for the Copperman triathlon (My first one ever!  I'm doing the bike portion -- 24 miles.)  I found one ripe thimbleberry.  The only somewhat grotesque part about it was that it was under a spider web.  Once I got the berry off the bush, picked off a dead fly and one of its legs that stuck, I ate it.  It was wonderful.

I hear that higher up in elevation the blueberries and bilberries are kicking a bit more than they are closer to the lake.  That's cool.  All in due time.  

Friday morning, after it rained throughout the whole night before, some lovely ladies and I went out to pick up trash on Highway 41 for the Copper Harbor Trails Club's Adopt-a-Highway stretch.  Since the ground has been turned over so many times from washouts, we didn't find too much junk.  But I do have a crazy story about that event.

I was walking on the right side, down the mountain past the Mountain Lodge.  You know, where those small cliffs drop to the road and are often dripping wet?  Okay, well the gravel was really washed out there -- all across the road.  All the sudden, I heard a thunderous vroom coming from behind.  It was the county with its plow blade down to scrape the gravel off the road.  BUT I WAS STANDING IN THAT GRAVEL!  I jumped to the cliff wall, grabbed a tree trunk and pulled myself up as high as I could.  Vwooooosh!  That big ol' truck swept all that gravel to where I was walking.  I totally wish I had a video of that!

Instead, a picture of how busy the main street was yesterday during the Keweenaw Cruiser show will have to do.

Open the hoods, see all the people!

And how about the cake I make yesterday for my buddy Hannah's birthday.  It has wildflower sprinkles!

A chocolate and wildflower birthday cake

That's all my melting brain can remember right now.  Oh yeah, thank you to my readers who introduce themselves to me when you see me in the Harbor Haus or around town.  I love to hear that you enjoy following my adventures and news!  You are the reason I keep this up!

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  1. That cake is the best Amanda! Looks almost too good to eat but I'll bet it tasted as good as it looks. Glad to hear that you're keeping your wide eyed view of the Keweenaw going strong. We stopped by Harbor Haus on July 5th but you were way too busy for us to take time to say hello. Christine was as gracious of a host as ever, Ron's meals were delicious as usual and the drinks you made us were about the best you can get up in da Keweenaw. Thanks to all of you for keeping this Copper Harbor tradition going through all of these years!