Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Back to the Fourth of July

So my "really cool post" now lacks due to technical difficulties.  Don't worry.  I'm figuring things out to get you a higher quality visual product.  I know you appreciate it.

It had to do with the Fourth of July celebration in Copper Harbor.  I started the day actually watching the parade up close for my first time.  I've been in the parade before, throwing candy, but this time I stood along the road and watched it.  It lasted nine minutes.  Ha!

The energy I felt from the spectators, the drivers, the wavers and the candy-throwers was intense.  High spirits, smiling faces and good times were in the mix.  I'm glad I went to experience that.  It made "The 4th" a little more tolerable from a server's perspective.

And from a server's perspective, that was the least busy I have felt on the 4th of July.  One shift at Zik's was slow too, about 6 years ago.  Maybe they were both Thursdays???  I don't know, but the 5th sure was crazy!  And the 6th, well, the power was out from 1 pm to 7 pm, so the Harbor Haus didn't get to open.

Hold up.  I skipped the fireworks.  Now, I shot the display with a 5-second time lapse, and took a video of the best grand finale I have ever seen.  I was tickled that I decided to straight up record that grand finale.  However, the latter is nowhere to be found.  Sorry!  So here is a last-chance attempt at capturing that spectacular site.

A perfectly sunny, nearly bugless weekend turned on us quickly.  We spent the last couple days in a fog.  Not just a mental fog, but a man-you-can't-even-see-Porter's-Island-from-the-shore fog.  Drive up the hill past Mohawk, and they had sunshine and 80-something degrees!  We shivered in the 50 degree fog.  Good thing I realize that you can't have it all.

More and more flowers are popping up, though!  They are little fireworks in the grass, and they smell marvelous.  I've already started collecting some for tinctures.  A little wild rose tincture does wonders in the middle of winter!

I feel like I should apologize.  This past winter and spring I got you used to my videos and pictures and somewhat timely posts.  Well, guess what?  I am working at least 50 hours a week -- running around and "Yes, Ma'am," and "Thank you, Sir," and "Have a wonderful vacation; I'd be happy to answer your questions about the area."  And I am.  But it takes a LOT of energy to keep that up.  Please be patient with me throughout the summer.  I want to keep you entertained and updated.  Only three more months to go.  Then I am all yours.


  1. Spend your free time enjoying summer, don't worry about us. Something short and a photo or two once in a while would fine.

  2. Hey Rich! Now there's a nice way to look at it!

  3. I was in Copper Harbor last saturday and noticed that the biting fly situation is not quite as bad as in our neck of the woods. Might have something to do about the plentiful dragonflies I noticed. Love those dragonflies! I was helping with the Run the Keweenaw race, marking the course and directing runners at a trail intersection. there were a few skeeters there at the West end of Woopity Woo, but pacing helped keep them off me.

  4. Check out http://www.splendidtable.org/episode/513 Jane and Michael Stern drive around the country and review restaurants. They stopped at the Jam Pot last fall. The pod cast they have at this address has their part starting at about eight and a quarter minutes into it

  5. Boy I'd sure like to hear about Donica's Raku pottery at the Garden Brook Gallery. You could even post some photos of her great work. And be sure and ask about sweet liitle Madeline - the blueberry thief!