Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bare Bluff

On Sunday I went to Bare Bluff for my first time.  Yeah, my first time since I have live here.  Slightly pathetic, but instead of waiting for someone to take me there, I used the MNA's Walking Paths and Protected Areas of the Keweenaw book to get there myself.  And I don't recommend this hike alone.

I heard a lot about how rugged this pathway is.  I thought they were bluffing (pardon the pun) because some people just aren't in that great of shape.  I'm no iron man, but this hike challenged me as well.  I even lost the path at one point because I was trying to shoot some video.  Oops!

Enough blabber.  Here are some photos for you.

Note the bottom right warning!

First clearing view: looking toward Keweenaw Point

Next view a few yards later

Looking up the bluff from below

And another rock cliff when I was "lost"

It was pretty spectacular.  I wouldn't recommend hoofing it during blackfly season, though.  Sweat dripped inside my bugnet, but at least I had one on!  Clinging on for life down some of those steep sections was not fast enough to outrun them.

So at least I got out for a little adventure on my day off.

Finnfest 2013 is coming up June 18th through the 22nd.  Whether you are Finnish or not,  there will be lots of activities, fire, fun and food up here!  More info at their website

Judging by the flowers on the trees and bushes, I think we are going to have an incredible fruit year.  I don't want to jinx it, but the cherries, apples, blueberries and serviceberries have so many blossoms that the roadsides look like they have white trees!

And more and more wildflowers are popping out -- I see a new species nearly everyday.  

Except for the incessant biting bugs, the outdoors has been pretty spectacular.  Perhaps it's actually starting to warm up???

If you read this on a mobile device, you may not realize that I have posted a poll.  I am wondering if you would like to read tweets about my "Little Slice" on twitter.  So far most people who voted don't use twitter.  Neither do I, but I thought I'd ask.  Please vote, so I get an accurate depiction of your desires.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Amanda you are right about doing Bare Bluff hike alone. I felt a little uncomofortable with the 2 of us as there are spots where if you take a wrong step you will be falling down the cliff. All that aside of the hikes there we really like that one with the scenery and the challenge. The view is spectacular as you can see a light house on Manitou Island. If I am not mistaken the Gull Rock Lighthouse.

    Denny N Carol

  2. Thanks for keeping me up on what's happening around you. I haven't been able to get back to "Heaven on Earth" for several years and your posts help relieve my withdrawals. I really need another "fix" but life keeps keeping me way down in the LP. Living just outside the nearly bankrupt Detroit is about as far away as possible from da Harbor. Can you use another artist up there? I'd love to have a studio and home there some day. I'm sure the surroundings would inspire my work in new and wonderful directions.

  3. Hey Dennis,
    Copper Harbor has inspired my craft exponentially. As a poet from Wisconsin, I found myself filling notebooks while sitting in the woods and by the water up here. Now I just have to organize all those words into useful material for others!
    This is a great artist community. In fact, we are hoping to form some sort of a guild some day, so we make our presence known.
    Good luck on your journey to inspiration!

  4. Hey Amanda - Great job, especially with the blue paint splotches all but vanished. That sharp rise in the back have running water ?? I sense a renewed respect for us old folks that have been there before you . .

  5. Hey John,
    I didn't see any running water on the sharp rises. And, yes, I certainly have respect for those who have been conquered that already!

  6. Amanda---you have enticed me to check these bluffs out on my next trek into your area. Great tale and photos. Jonathan