Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Keweenaw Lakeshore Loop Cruise

This past Sunday's adventure was planned for a thunderstormy day.  But someone up there loves me, and made my 116 mile trip around the Keweenaw hot and sunny.

I loaded my car with a black lab, a golden retriever and a friend named Mallory.  We embarked down Highway 41 toward Lac La Belle, and took the Gay/Lac La Belle Road along the lakeshore.  The glistening waves on that route always soften my heart. 

Feeling a little thirsty, we stopped in at The Gay Bar.  If you have never been there, you should try it sometime.  It's a trip.

"The Gay Bar" in Gay, Michigan

Then we drove through Traprock Valley and to Lake Linden.  It was stinkin' HOT in town.  The poor dogs panted the whole time.

We passed through downtown Hancock and finally got to head back north on M-203.  From there, we took Lakeshore Drive, which I have never been on before. 

"You've never been down here?" Mallory was surprised.

"Nope.  That's why I have to drive it now.  I have to make sure I am sending people on the right path."

Luckily Mal grew up round them parts, and she zagged me through an even cooler route than I had originally planned.  She kept me out of the Calumet bustle (this route is for a road bike ride), and lead me past the Centennial Heights shone ship.  

Shone ship in Centennial Heights

And right after that, when we turned onto Highway 41, we saw the Kearsarge stone ship, so that is a nice historic part of the loop.  I was pleased.  Thank you, Mallory!

From there we cruised on Five Mile Point Road to Eagle River.  Not a moment too soon, we arrived at Fitzgerald's.  Our tummies were rumbling.  The Fitz has the most amazing beer selection I have seen for hundreds of miles.  Their on-site smoked meat selections are wonderful as well.  And lucky for the pups, Fitzgerald's is located right on Lake Superior, so they got to take a little dip and cool off.  

Thanks to them dragging me through the sand, I went in the Big Lake for my first time as well.  Luckily, only up to my calves.  That water is frigid, but I still had a great time running through the sand in the sunshine.  The thunder in the distance was surreal.  Where was is coming from?

We only made it to the Eagle Harbor Inn before we had to stop again.  Something about a sunny Sunday invokes the "Keweenaw Cruise" instinct in us all.  And The Inn is always a lovely place to stop.

But by the time we walked out, the clouds loomed.  The temperature dropped.

"I bet it will be raining by the time we get to Fake Lake!" I announced, feeling psychic.  Mal nodded.  Instead, the rain held off until we got to Copper Harbor.

And now I can check that adventure off my list.  I have all the turns and sites of interest laid out for a 116 mile road bike ride through the most safe and scenic paved areas of the Keweenaw.  Another great Adventure Sunday!

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