Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dreaming of a White 2013

The snow is still confused about where to land.  Chances are, you may have gotten more snow since Christmas that da Harbor has.  Not even a full inch down in town.  But scoot up the hill to the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge, and they have six fluffy inches!

The ice is nice, though.  Not for skating, but traversing and ice fishing.  Medora, Manganese and Fanny Hooe are all walkable... at least the parts I tried!  *Note: always use extreme caution when walking out onto the ice as conditions may shift over time.  I am the one to talk.  I do use cation, but I also take my chances.  I'm living and learning!

I saw a little spot of sunshine this morning.  Just enough to perk me right up and stick my face out in it. It's so glorious, and such a welcome sight, that I can't resist.  It's a wonder how we can go for so many days without a shadow or sparkle outside.  When it hits, we notice it.  Otherwise, here's to another Vitamin D3!

So, yeah, I've been hiking in the woods.  Still.  Not many other options right now.  We have had some snowmobilers in town, but I haven't gotten to ask how the trial conditions are.

Since I don't have any good pictures of snow to show for this winter, how about a picture from the archives!

Snowstorm of February 2008
That's a cabin on the left!

Wishful thinking for 2013!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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