Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Mainland!

I'm back where I belong.  Safe and sound.  Hello Keweenaw!

There are some things I will miss about Hawai'i, though.  Here are a few:

- Being able to have a beach day any day

- Eating fresh, local fruit, veggies, beef and fishies

- The bright colors of the flowers and the lush green of the trees

- The aquaness of the ocean

- Pronouncing the Hawai'ian words in their 12 letter alphabet

- The evening sounds of the frogs and other bugs

- Keeping all the windows open all the time (unless the rain comes in sideways!)

- The mountains and valleys

Sunset from the top of Mauna Kea

- Rainbows!

This is quite Hawai'i

But home definitely has its perks as well.  The first one I noticed?  Crisp, cool, fresh air.  Breathe it in, baby!

The winter is nothing to brag about here yet.  The winds keep blowing from the north over Lake Superior, tumbling the waves.  The snow is only 2 inches of crust.  Lake Medora is mostly frozen over with snow on top.  Fanny Hooe has a couple inches of ice as well.  It has potential for skating if the ice gets thicker before the snow hits!

And it's the holidays, so we have to be ready for a party almost every night!  This is a great community.  The kinship (and hardship) of the locals is a feeling I have found unmatched no matter where I have been.  It is the first thing that Aaron and I noticed that made us want to call this home.  It certainly is.

May your holiday season be merry and bright.  May your heart be filled with peace and joy. May you remember why you are fortunate when you are around those you love.  And if you're alone, remember why you are a gift!

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