Monday, July 18, 2011

Tourist in my own Town

This past weekend my family came to visit me: Mom, Dad, Aunt and Uncle.  This was the first time for latter two.  So what did I get to do?  Show them around, and play tourist!

Da Harbor is a wonderful place to be a tourist in.  We watched the sun set up on Brockway Mountain, got ice cream from the Berry Patch, found stones and peace on the shores of Hunter's Point, watched ducks swim around from the 3rd Street Dock, had a drink up at the historical Keweenaw Mountain Lodge, ate dinner at the Harbor Haus restaurant, stopped in all the shops and (the most unique experience for me) toured the Copper Harbor Lighthouse by boat.

You are well aware that I used to live on the private road to the lighthouse.  It used to be my stomping grounds.  I can't even tell you how many times I've jogged or snowshoed up those concrete steps.  But now I don't live out there, and the fam wanted to see the lighthouse.  "Let's take the boat tour then!"

The Harbor was calm and the air was humid, so it was nice to be on the water.  Nick was our captain, and he did a great job explaining things the whole time.  I learned so much!  Plus I actually got to go in the museum and lighthouse itself for my first time ever.  I was glad we did it.

I chose this adventure to elaborate on because it was such a different feeling for me to be a tourist in what used to be my back yard.  I had fun telling other visitors the things that I knew about the area.  They always seem excited to meet a local, and I always do my best to represent.

It seemed like everyone had a wonderful time while they were up, and I am grateful that my understanding boss and coworker gave me the two days off to visit with my family.  And now, back to the grind!

The weather has been a little eerie lately, but we just got a couple good storms, and the air is cooler today. 

I've been eating a few bilberries here and there.  I had one sugar plum today.  Buffaloberries are ready too, but the rest are still green.  I look forward to when they are ripe.  But for now, I'll keep on fulfilling all my other worldly duties.


  1. That's the best way to become really knowledgeable about the town you live in. Just act "tourist guide" and you quickly discover how much you know and how much you THOUGHT you knew about your own town. Both you and your "tourists" will gain a deeper insight into your area. Enjoy.

  2. You always have to show the parents a good time wherever you live Amanda... and it's not too hard up in the Keweenaw! Good for you. I'm sure they enjoyed it with such an expert guide. I hope you also showed them around your place of employment for a nightcap.