Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Berries and My Articles

Lucky for you, it is raining today in da Harbor, so I can write.  Because of this, I did not get a chance to get out and pick berries.  Berries?!  Yes!  It is berry season, and I've been out three days in a row before work.  I am an addict, remember. 

Town is busy EVERYday.  I completely forgot how many kids come here.  I forgot what large numbers of people come up together.  What I did not forget, however, is how many questions they ask.  I'll leave that one alone.

I really don't have to much to say otherwise, besides I'm busy working six days a week and then having to go to town on my day off.  Oy.  But there are worse things in the world, and I am making some bank to put away for the slow times.  Only twelve more weeks until I can start working on my book again!!!

By the way, if you like my writing, I wrote a couple articles in the Copper UP -- the makers of the Porcupine Press.  You can check it out at this link.  Just click on the bagpipe guy to read it all!  I hope you enjoy.  One of my articles made the front page!

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  1. Congrats on the front page article Amanda! I loved the detailed descriptions, including the irreverent "buns on the bench" comment. I've also got to check out the new, creative putt putt joint in town. Who would have guessed of such a place up in the Harbor. Thanks for keeping the news of the Keweenaw coming.