Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sky Wars

The exquisite firework display from Porter's Island is really the main reason most people come up to da Harbor for the Fourth of July.  The folks of the town go through grand efforts to raise money for these sky dazzlers, and the fire department and other fellas volunteer their whole night to shoot them off.

Last night, as the rain clouds traded places with the sunshine, people wondered what was going to happen. "Will they shoot of the fireworks in the rain?"  Trust me.  The volunteers listed above don't go through all that to get rained out.

I can only tell you of the spectacle from my point of view.  I was on the north side of the Harbor Haus facing Porter's Island.  As we waited for the show to begin, our attention was shifted to another part of the sky.  "Is that... it is!"  The northern lights opened the show with some green missile-like tricks.  Shooting heavenward from all different places in the sky.  People were oohing and ahhing before the first tube was lit.  How awesome is that?

When the fireworks started, the display was really quite impressive.  Lots of shells blew three or four times in one shot!  Huge and colorful.  Definitely some new ones I have never seen before.  One of them made me think of a bubble gum ball machine.  

And as another storm cloud rolled in, the rainbow bursts were matched with lightening bolts, and the exploding shells were echoed with thunder.  It was like they were trying to show each other up!

The rain started again, and the drops falling from the sky sparkled their own splendor when the lights flickered just right.  So what if we got a little wet?  That was one of the greatest displays of man and nature together.  It's almost like they planned it like that!

Well, cheers to all the folks who made it happen, and cheers to the FIFTH of July!  We made it through another one, Copper Harbor!

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  1. The guys who dashed to porters island after a downpour to set up the fireworks in the dark and get them launched during the next downpour all deserve a pat on the back. It was quite a show.